Saturday, February 09, 2008

Water Matters

Thanks to my friend and work colleague, J, I can share with you this incredible visual! This photo shows how important water is to the quality of your tea!

J brewed the same tea for the same length of time, using two different waters.

From J: "The mug on the left has horrid tea brewed with [bottled water], while the one on the right is my Lipton in its rightful color and taste!"

There's no hard-and-fast rule I can give you on how to choose water. I do, however, have a guideline: If you don't like the way the water tastes alone, don't use it for your tea. I use a Brita filter for my water and find it produces a very nice cup of tea.


Jennifer said...

I'm famous! You helped me with the information that tea is affected by the amount of minerals in the water. Bottled water can have more/less minerals. I am glad to have my regular water back and enjoy my Lipton again.

artandtea said...

Hi Steph,
I wholeheartedly agree that to get the true high quality taste from your tea leaf, it is imperative to use high quality water. I remember years ago we had a new staff member and he brewed a pot of tea with water from the tap. It was positively awful. We get regular shipments of fresh spring water delivered to work and at home, I use a Brita filter like you.

Jes said...'d be horrified with my tap water! It smells like rotten eggs, and makes my bathtub rusty red! I have to use the bottled stuff!!!

Joyce said...

We are SO fortunate to have good water where we are at. It's from natural springs which is amazing and I never would believe my friends when they would tell me that until I READ it myself in an article. Funny. I just thought we were drinking everyone's else dumped out water, etc. from all the way up the Mississippi River......since we are nearly at the end of the road. HA! I felt so much better after learn that.

Alice said...

That is really a surprise. I don't know much about bottled water as water from my tap tastes fine to me.

Linda said...

This is a great visual. It prooves what I have been taught in tea classes.