Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pooh Bear on Tea

I'm planning my February tea (for this Friday evening), and I spent some time at the library recently. I was looking for interesting cookbooks.
As an aside I LOVE the library! I can hardly think of a better place to spend my time! I even like it better than bookstores, because everything is based on the concept of sharing, a much-needed value in our society.

Well, the search results on "tea" and "cookbook" provided more than I anticipated: one bed and breakfast cookbook and, interesting, 3 titles in the children's department. One of them, in particular, caught my attention. It was titled Winnie the Pooh's Teatime Cookbook. Oh, if you haven't ever seen this book, do go to your library and check it out! It's marvelous and fun!

One thing led to another, and I came home with a whole stack of cookbooks from the children's department. I never imagined looking there before and I felt like I had found a treasure chest! In addition to the Pooh Teatime cookbook, I also found the Pooh Party Book and the Pooh Cookbook. You might imagine that honey is a prominent ingredient to many of the recipes!

What fun I've had with Pooh over the weekend!


Kas said...

When I am beginning a new study I always begin in the children's section of the library. I find the most straight forward information there, it helps me get my barings on my chosen topic and then I can expand my study to adult works knowing where to focus my interest. Thank goodness for children's authors!

Steph said...

Kas - What a fantastic idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,

May I join you in singing the praises of libraries. I too have always loved going to the library and wonder why more people don't take advantage of all they have to offer. Tomorrow I am going to a free class at the library on researching the history of your house.

When we were in London I spent a day at Portobello Market and visited the little library near there for almost two hours. It was so much like the library in the town when I grew up right down to the squeaky floors and familiar stacks of books. Whan I travel I usually try to visit the local library and always feel so welcomed.

Will your February Tea have a Winnie the Pooh theme? I did a Pooh theme baby shower for a friend and it was lots of fun. I will be looking for the Pooh's Teatime Cookbook as I enjoy cooking with honey.

Do let us know if you try any of the honey recipes.

Mary Jane

Joyce said...

Steph that is CRAZY that you mentioned the Library because I promise you I was going to write a post on it soon. That people should utilize it more. It's really a GREAT resource.

I just went to ours today...which is just a few blocks away for me.
They had TWO large glass display cases in the very front as you walk in with "TEA" items of all sorts and it was set up so cute like a Tea. Then there were books that could be checked out...but I owned many of them.

However I did check out one called "Taking Time for Tea, 15 Seasonal Tea Parties to Soothe the Soul and Celebrate the Spirit" by Diana Rosen. Interesting.

The lady checking out my books asked me if I saw the display and I asked her if it was for January's Hot Tea month and she said "No....they just did it."
Very cool.

I want to see about that Winnie the Pooh Tea book you mentioned....my lucky son has been to the 100 Acre Woods. Sigh.

Steph said...

Mary Jane, Hello! Always good to hear from you! I am not doing a Pooh theme for the February tea, but I might do one in the future! :-)

Joyce, what a cool thing to find a display on Tea at you library! :-)

Linda said...

I anxiously await the details and photos of your February tea!

Bigelow Tea said...

Now that you’re in the mood, we have a great recipe up for Vanilla and Cinnamon Baked Challah French Toast that you can make ahead of time.

Julie for Bigelow Tea

Alice said...

What great luck to find all those sweet books in the children's section. I'd never have thought to do that. Not having young children around any more, I was really apprehensive when someone asked me to create a children's tea. Next time I'm hitting the kid corner at the library.

Katie said...

wow. what a great place to look for fun recipes. i bet they are filled with lots of great pictures!