Saturday, July 04, 2009

Bicycle Adventure: Around Rocheport

Happy Independence Day! I frequently had thoughts, while on the bike, about how simple life can be. To me, that means less dependence on the trappings of our modern world and more time for simple things. It means more time for long bike rides on quiet lanes. More time for sitting on the porch with friends. More time for making crafts. More simplicity. That's independence to me.

Most of the Katy Trail is surrounded with lovely scenery. Farmlands, swamplands, tree-tunnels, and river/bluff views. Many of the striking river and bluff views are around Rocheport.

Limestone bluffs near Rocheport

MKT (Missouri-Kansas-Texas, aka the Katy railroad) carved into the limestone bluff.

A bend in the Missouri River

For those of you longing for a post about tea, one is up next...along with a few more bike adventure posts. Thanks for your indulgence!
It's raining here today. (It rained last year, too! I remember well, because I was marching in the parade. Somehow, it was even more fun with the rain.) We're off to an afternoon wedding (with swing dancing!), and then home. Since it's wet, the fireworks will probably be postponed. I think I'll make a blueberry pie. I went picking on Thursday and came home with 11 pounds of the good stuff. I've eaten my share and then some, made a batch of jam, frozen a bunch, and now on to the pie. Yumm!


parTea lady said...

Enjoyed your photos and links. Any city that calls itself a "beacon of tranquility" sounds like a nice place to visit. You certainly hit the nail on the head with your comments about the simple life.

Hope you enjoy the wedding. Are you wearing your pretty red dancing shoes?

Steph said...

In fact, I DID wear those dancing shoes. :-) And the skirt with the ricrac on the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Your biking trip sounds like it was wonderful!

Bernideen said...

Steph: The last time I was in Rocheport was after the flooding and we walked down toward the river - we all ran like crazy when mosquitos nearly ate us alive! I was the first back to the car! My son and daughter in law are big bikers in Columbia, Mo!