Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busy Day Cake

Here's a cake that goes really well with tea! It's a whole wheat/flax seed cake with blueberry topping. It's very delicious and so pretty! I don't have the recipe. The DH made alterations to a recipe for a "busy day" cake, but didn't write it down. Next time!

Isn't that a great name? Busy day cake - love it!

Enjoy a virtual slice.


parTea lady said...

Your hubby's cake looks delicious. This sounds like a nice way to eat dessert, but still reap some health benefits (whole wheat and flax).

That is a great name for the cake. I have one my family likes called a Lazy Daisy cake (easy to make from scratch).

Marilyn Miller said...

That looks so good! Like the name too.

sweetcakes said...

I have a recipe for a "Busy Day Cake" in my vintage Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

I haven't made it in quite some time but it's called that because it only takes a few ingredients and is quick to make.

Tom's is much prettier with all the blueberries on top.

Angela McRae said...

Only a *virtual* slice? C'mon! But seriously, it certainly looks like Mr. Cup of Tea's cake is delicious, and I love the name of it!

Greenmare said...


Tea Time With Melody said...

Oh my gosh this looks so good. Eye candy that's what it is.