Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A Little Crafting Inspiration

It's interesting how just thinking about being creative lifts my spirits! I can be stuck in a tough day and if I take a mini-break to give my creative side room to breathe, the result is uplifting. My heart and soul feel lighter! Humans are made to be creative.

As the holidays approach, I'm thinking of homemade gifts. If you are, too, you might enjoy one of the free templates here, a nice treat from Melanie Falick books. Or follow the month-long celebration of Handmade Holidays on Sew, Mama, Sew!

Do you have any creative plans for the holidays that you're willing to share? Homemade gifts? Creative celebrations? Mine are still wispy in my mind, but I'm narrowing in. I'm also curious - how does your creative side fuel/support/sustain/help/etc. you?


AZ Tea Lover said...

My brain and soul wouldn't survive without a creative outlet. I sometimes just putter with crafts (no progress, just planning/imagining) to get that brain boost. I have plans for many homemade gifts this season.

Marilyn Miller said...

My heart does sing when I am being creative. This year I have made bookmarks from the cards sent to us last year and will be regifting the card back to the one that sent it to us. I also plan on making some glass charms or ornaments with collage pictures. Now I must find the time soon to get started with that project. My baking list is written out and that is also a creative outlet.

Sheila said...

I always try to make gifts for Christmas. This year I'm making all the girls sterling silver necklaces with a paua shell pendant. You can see them on my jewelry site.

mep said...

Thinking of projects I want to do in the future (no matter how far from now) always makes me feel happy and hopeful.

Kas said...

Being creative in thought or deed, art project, or gift creation is good for my heart too Steph. My brain needs the challenge and the comfort of thinking through a creative project and then getting to actually create it is like the icing on the cake!

I'm the weirdo who designs my homemade holiday gifts in July. And can hardly wait to start working on them!