Monday, November 16, 2009

Reduced and Reused Holiday Cards

I'm making all of my holiday cards this year - and the envelopes. Actually, the envelopes (above) will steal the show! These are made from the winter Vera Bradley catalogue. The pages are the perfect size and weight, and they show many festive holiday scenes. My mom and I folded these up recently, when she was over for a visit. Here are the instructions for making envelopes.

I'm making the card inserts from unwanted notebook dividers, those heavy card stock pages with the tabs on them.
I've been thinking about the recycling triangle lately. Recycling is great, of course, but the first two components actually prevent the need for recycling. That's a good thing! It's what I'm trying to do with these holiday cards.

By the way, if you have an extra Vera Bradley catalogue, the big holiday one with wide pages, that you don't want, I would love to turn it into envelopes! Please send an e-mail to


Southern Touch Catering said...

I love reusing the Christmas cards. I make ornaments from them too.

AZ Tea Lover said...

The Vera Bradley catalogs are excellent for making the envelopes. How fun! I'm thinking of using old file folders as card inserts.

Marilyn Miller said...

Yes, as you know I am recycling last years Christmas cards to resend to the giver in a different form. I will be curious to see if they recognize their cards from last year.
Now you are really outdoing yourself by also making the envelops.

Melanie said...

I always save pretty cards and scraps of paper to do this, but I haven't gotten around to using them yet. If you want to inspire us with 'finished' pictures later, (maybe after your holiday cards go out? or next year?) I'd love to see them ... maybe that would be the inspiration I need!

Marlena said...

Congrats on your everyday postings. I reuse Christmas cards, too. Some I make into ornaments. I was pleased to see how much our farmer's market has gotten into recyling. Of course, as it is at a pig farm, the scraps and over done fruits and veggies already have a home!

parTea lady said...

Great projects. I make lots of cards and now I think I'll try making envelopes.

Shona Cole said...

Steph, these are excellent, thanks for the link to how to make them too, pictures always help.

Thanks for signing up for my giveaway, sorry to say someone else got it, but I wanted to visit to say hello. I am enjoying browsing your blog.

all the best