Monday, July 15, 2013

Meatless Monday: Zucchini Season!

It's zucchini season and we're eating it at nearly every dinner.  Here are a few of our ways to enjoy this bountiful vegetable (in the culinary sense; technically, it's a fruit).  Above, chopped and raw on a salad.  With this, we also had homemade pizza with zukes, walnuts, kale and cheese (no sauce).  

We had this for dinner last night...quinoa with garbanzo and black beans, corn, onion and chopped (raw) zucchini topped with salsa and canned or fresh tomatoes, a tiny bit of salt, and pepper.  Delicious!

We've also been throwing zucchini on top of nearly every dish...sauteed in olive oil (or just water) for topping pasta of all sorts, dipped into dressing or hummus, and of course shredded and frozen for use in zucchini bread in the winter.  I love grilled zucchini, too.

How do you use zucchini?


relevanttealeaf said...

I love it steamed with other veggies [cauliflower, broccoli, carrots]. Stuffed with ground beef and tomato sauce. And, of course, in zucchini breads and cakes. It's so yummy, and depending on how it's prepared [not cakes and breads],very healthy too.

Steph said...
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Ana said...

I love zucchini! Ways I use it:

*Roasted with other veggies and then I add to salads, sandwiches, pasta.

*Zucchini fritters, served with apricot preserves. A treat.

*A childhood favorite: sautee a large onion in olive oil, add thinly sliced zucchinis and cook for a long time (maybe 40 minutes) at low heat, stirring often. The zucchini will reduce and become caramelized, with a creamy texture. Add salt, pepper. It's a unexpectedly great. It would be better to show you how I make this. Remind me.

Angela McRae said...

Oh, I do love fresh veggies, especially in the summertime! I like zucchini sliced thin on a mandoline along with squash, carrots and other veggies. Yum!

Marilyn said...

I suppose my favorite way of using zucchini is in zucchini bread. I think in the past I have made patties with it too. I thought Jim planted one plant of zucchini this year, but it is something else - we are not sure what. It's a big yellow squash and oh so prolific.

Rosemary said...

Zucchini is abundance here, too! We steam a lot of it with onions, garlic, and tomatoes; and tomorrow it'll be grilled; I've made a zucchini spice cake with pineapple cream frosting - that got the kids to eat it!

marthae said...

My huge zucchini Frisbee cookies won a blue ribbon at the fair one year. But zucchini bread is my favorite sweet made with it. My favorite savory is Spaghetti Zucchini Madeo from a restaurant in LA. Baby zucchini with their flowers are the secret.

moyra scott said...

thanks for sharing! have posted it up on the secret salad society fb page!! we call em courgettes..... and we are about to be over run with them from the allotment....yum yum!!

Steph said...

Thank you for all of the suggestions!

amherstrose said...

Hi Steph,

Did you know that August 8th is Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day? :-) I wish someone would leave some on my porch. I have lots of zucchini recipes and also freeze it for Winter baking. Your salad looks refreshing for a hot summer day like we are having.

You might like this yummy Breakfast/Brunch casserole. Nice for eating veggies for breakfast.

Zucchini and Green Chile Breakfast Casserole.

Sending you a hug,

Mary Jane