Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Crack in Everything

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack,
A crack in everything
And that's where the light gets in.

From Anthem, Leonard Cohen

I've committed this poem to memory.  It moves me deeply.  It speaks of the beauty of imperfection.
Just like these tea wares.  They have scars, they've been patched up. 
But now aren't they even more precious?  They are to me.


cha sen said...

Wabi sabi, how true that is.

Siret said...

Dear Steph,
you are so right! The risk of absolutely perfection: too easily it can be without any motion - and emotions! Scratches, fractures and scars tell of life and of feelings,
like a visible beloved old teddy bear, which a child would never exchange for a beautiful new doll.
Cohen's poem is so true!
Have a sunny Sunday!
Greetings, Siret

relevanttealeaf said...

Love this poem and post, Stephanie. There's so much truth and meaning in it. It brought to mind a story I have about "cracked pots" which shares a similar perspective. You have inspired me to post it next week on my Sunday devotion.
Have a wonderful week! ~ Phyllis

Teafan said...

That's a profoundly meaningful post.

Marilyn said...

Lovely cracks, one and all.
It is truly in the eye of the beholder. Your cups are lovely in their imperfections.

Angela McRae said...

"Character," I say. Now they've got character!

Marlena said...

One of my most precious things is a mosaic plate my grandmother McDuffee made from pieces of china that had been broken and saved over the years. To me, it is an expression of love and reverence.

Allison said...

This reminds me of my current mantra and favorite quote, "don't let perfect be the enemy of good." (from Voltaire and Gretchen Rubin) :-)