Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chandler House Tea Room

Last Saturday, two girlfriends and I "broke away" (hee hee -if you know Indiana movie trivia or you are a cyclist, you'll get the reference) from a busy month to spend some time relaxing and enjoying each other's company. We visited the Chandler House Tea Room in Bedford, IN. This newly-opened tea room serves a luncheon menu from 11 am - 2 pm. On the menu, you'll find sandwiches, soups, salads and marvelous tea-themed desserts. I was very impressed with the tea menu, which highlighted over 20 high-quality loose teas.

One friend chose a hand-tied artisan tea. It was fun to watch it unfurl and display the artistic flower inside.

The other friend and I split a pot of Lover's Leap (black estate tea), served in this lovely cream and brown pot.

We all ordered quiche and a salad, both of which were delicious. Notice the heart-shaped cheese. Such attention to detail always impresses me!

The dessert menu included scones, petit fours and tartlets. We had some of all! It's hard to pick a favorite!

The tearoom decor was very elegant. Deep burgundies and gold were featured throughout. This tea cart caught my eye!

If you live in the area, I highly recommend a visit to the Chandler House Tea Room in Bedford (812-278-8923)! You will also enjoy browsing through the small gift shop that, by the way, sells the brown and cream teapot featured above.

Thanks to K (Sweetcakes) for sharing some of her photos! You can read her review of the tearoom here. I always find it interesting to read various reviews of a tea room.


Alice said...

That tearoom has it all, great food and tea and a beautiful atmosphere. I especially like that you can order from a menu instead of taking whatever the owner decides to serve that day.

I do remember the movie Breaking Away. I haven't trusted Italian bicyclists since then. :)

Joyce said...

I remember that movie too was that were the guy kept talking in Italian and acting Italian and he actually WASN'T...and they thought he was nutty? HA!
So funny.
I LOVED your photos and the quiche and salad and ALL the food looked GREAT. Yummy and classy.
Ugh....I need a road trip. Wonder how far it is to Indiana from here?
Thanks for sharing...it was all so nice. I'm glad you went.

La Tea Dah said...

This looks and sounds like a great tea room! How fun to get away with friends --- and to have a resource such as this tea room with such yummy food and tea is great!

Thanks for sharing!


Angela McRae said...

Wish I had been there! This looks like a great tea room, and I've yet to visit one that actually offered the display teas like that. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear cyber friend!

Katie said...

oh, that looks like a great place to go. the food looks so yummy! i love quiche.

sweetcakes said...

I love the "broke away" reference! You have some great pics too!

Tea Party Girl said...

I LOVED the movie, Breaking Away, when I was a young-un! Glad you got to go to tea. And I like your post about your sister's cup, too. What a great way to describe someone. Those are fabulous characteristics to have. Happy Birthday, too! What's your day?