Thursday, March 13, 2008

March Tea - Weight Watchers Menu

In the March Tea (photos here), I worked with my Mom to make the menu as Weight-Watcher-friendly as possible. My Mom used her big Weight Watcher points book to help me decipher this. It was fun - and sometimes very challenging! For example, to figure out the points for the avocado-tomato-nut thins, we had to translate from a serving of 16 crackers to two. We were cautious in our points assignment and we erred on the side of a bit extra, when in doubt. Here goes....and if you have any insights on the points assignment, let me know! (PS - Some of these are repeats from the February tea.)

Total menu = 11 points
This isn't too bad for a fancy meal. One just takes it easy with a light dinner.

Savories = 7 points
  • Avocado-tomato-Blue Diamond nut thins. (Small chunk of avocado and half a grape tomato on nut thin cracker) - 2 crackers, etc. = 1.5 points
  • Cheese-apple slice-whole wheat baguette slice. (Thin slice of cheese and apple slice on half of a slice of baguette; bake until cheese is melted) - 2 servings = 2 points
  • Chicken salad (purchased)-whole wheat bread (One serving equals 1/4 of a regular sandwich) - 2 servings = 3.5 points

Scones = 2 points

  • Weight-watcher berry scones (recipe to come) - 2 points/scone
  • We served the scones warm and without toppings. They didn't seem to be lacking.

Desserts = 2 points

  • Chocolate-dipped strawberries and chocolate-dipped apricots - 1 of each = 1 point
  • Celebration cake (recipe to come; white cake with mandarin oranges; fat-free cool whip, sugar free jello topping with pineapple) = 1 small piece (1/16th of a 9x13 cake) = 1 point


sweetcakes said...

Great job on the menu! The food looks delicious and the points are very reasonable.

Blogging My Life Away said...

Steph - this is outstanding :) As a WW leader I am going to forward this for people to give it a try....

Joyce said...

WOW that was some major detailing and calculating that you all went through for that tea party! That shows how much the people you served meant to you.
I want to try those scones so I will be waiting on that recipe. HA!

She'sSewPretty said...

Strawberry season is coming here and I am happy to hear that a strawberry dipped in chocolate is 1 point. What kind of chocolate? Have you tired the cake where you add a diet soda to cake mix and bake. If you make cupcakes they are one or two points too. I'll be waiting for the scones recipe.

Steph said...

Hi, She's Sew Pretty! I used Baker's semi-sweet chocolate. :-) Recipe coming today!

Anonymous said...

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