Monday, April 13, 2009

National Library Week

Happy National Library Week!

As I've blogged about before, I love public libraries. I consider them a treasured public institution. I use mine regularly, and I volunteer there. I'll probably give money there when I die (none too soon, I hope).

A library celebration is in order! I will celebrate mine by reading children's books (from the library) to my niece, whom I will visit this weekend. How might you celebrate your library?

And, as a replay, here's a really awesome mug...more info from the seller. I don't own this because I have plenty of mugs. But it's really cool and tempts me!


Anonymous said...

I love this mug and actually just ordered one as a birthday gift for a former work colleague who is studying for her Master's in Library Science. She is a young woman I used to work with and who I "turned on" to tea. Thought it was the perfect gift!

I love libraries, too!

parTea lady said...

I also love visiting the library. Yesterday I picked up a copy of Mr Putter & Tabby Pour The Tea at my local branch to read to my grandsons.

That mug is great - good color and style. I love that they used the Dewey Decimal number for Tea in the design. This will be added to my wish list.

Steph said...

This comment is from Esme...

It would be worth mentioning to your local readers that the County Library is taking canned food donations this week in payment of library fines. 1 can of food = $1 worth of library fines.

So if you have outstanding fines, this is a good way to pay up and help stock the food bank.

Anonymous said...

As a former librarian and tea lover, I must say that those mugs are perfect! Absolutely perfect! I am going to put them on my wish list! Thanks for directing us to them.

mep said...

The mugs are awesome, but I too have too many mugs already so I will try to resist!

There's nothing I love more than the library. One of my joys living in Chicago is having so many different branches to visit, at least six within reasonable walking distance.