Thursday, April 09, 2009

Mighty Leaf Wuyi Oolong

I've blogged before about the Mighty Leaf tea sachets, and why I'm impressed because the tea is good and the sachets are biodegradable.

I've received another sample packet from Mighty Leaf, this one including a variety of loose oolong teas. I wanted to try the Wuyi oolong because it's getting a lot of press these days as the weight-loss/fat-burner tea. I can't speak to those purported benefits, but I can say that it's a very nice oolong.

The dry leaf (above) looks like gnarled old wood. I love it! The tea really moves as it steeps and expands. It danced up and down in the clear filter I was using.

I found the second steeping to be much more to my preference than the first. This is consistent with many oolongs, as the first steeping "washes the leaf." Many people pour off the first brief steeping of an oolong. The tea was slightly sweet, no hint of bitterness, and brewed up into this lovely peach color.


parTea lady said...

The Mighty Leaf tea definitely sounds like one I'd like to try. I've also heard a lot about Wuyi Oolong and weight loss. I enjoyed reading your review of this tea. Thanks for the info on "washing the leaf" - I'll try this next time I steep some oolong.

Angela McRae said...

I, too, enjoyed your information on "washing the leaf" and look forward to trying this tea. Thanks for another great review!

(P.S. Pot, journals and SAMPLES arrived safe and sound several days ago. Thank you so much!)

Anonymous said...

I just learned something new!!! THANKS a bunch, I never knew about "washing the leaf" when brewing Oolong. I'll be trying it, too!!!
Your a pal!!!

Southern Touch Catering said...

I love oolongs though like you I find the first cup a bit, well not really strong, just dirty tasting sometimes. But thanks for letting us know about Mighty Leaf.