Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A Few Happy Things and an Invitation

#1 - These Doc Martens are making me really happy.  I've just ordered them from Endless.com and they'll arrive on Thurs.  Do you know that website? A friend just shared it with me. It's connected to Amazon, and what's cool is that I could use my Amazon gift card.  Free shipping and returns, so if I picked the wrong size, I can try again.  I'll let you know how it goes.  (The boots zip up the side, by the way.)

#2 - I earned $80 for United Way!  My company does a goods and services auction, based on employee donations.  I donated a Gong Fu tea tasting and it sold well.  :-)

#3 - I'm kicking off a new series tomorrow called Tea and TruthTM.  Through the end November, each Wednesday I will post a writing prompt, somehow related to tea.  There will be prizes and fun, reflection and sharing, and an opportunity for me to test out this concept.  Please join me tomorrow for the kick off!


Angela McRae said...

Thanks for the shopping tip, and I look forward to your new series! And congrats on your charity success!

massagematters said...

great boots!!

Alex Zorach said...

Truth...that sounds like a weighty topic!

I did not know of that site...and it looks kinda interesting...a little random, with some good deals. Free returns is important when ordering shoes! Occasionally I've had an issue where I buy the same model of shoe, same size, but because they've changed factories / suppliers, it fits differently.