Friday, November 11, 2011

On Taking a Leap

I've been on a work trip, and I took a big leap of faith, at least what felt like one.  I trusted that sharing a bit more about myself personally and my passion of tea would be a way for my team to get to know me better and me to know them. 

I scheduled a morning meet-and-greet to share tea with my team and extended colleagues.  I set up my Gong Fu equipment, and waited.  This was a risk for me - What if people thought I was "the crazy tea lady?"  Well, maybe I am, but I'm harmless.  ;-)  I know, of course, that tea is fascinating and tasty and fun, but I didn't know how it would play in the work context.  I work in a high-tech, big company that is very task oriented.  Add that I work mostly with men!  Would anyone show up?

What's amazing is that people came!  And they stayed, and they enjoyed themselves.

So here's to taking a leap and putting ourselves and passions out there to share our authentic selves.

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my cup of tea said...

That is awesome! Glad it worked out!
I may be taking your advice.

La Tea Dah said...

Great! I'm so glad it worked out! My twenty-something year old sons are very much into "tea" --- and both are employed in "tech" careers --- as is my DIL --- they would have enjoyed your morning meet and greet! Tea is very much the trend, and a good one at that!

Marlena said...

You are always doing these things and it was a risk, but thankfully, people appreciated it and you. Strike a blow for authenticitea! My friend Lee has instituted tea time in his homeroom every morning and his kids love it. I am always passing on tea I'm not crazy about or have too much of to him and I am thrilled he is using it this way.

colleen said...

You go, girl! Of course they enjoyed it, and you- you're awesome!

Anonymous said...

Faith, confidence and tea. You know your tea so well, I'm sure your professional peers were very impressed. Good idea, well done. Deeingemenc

Marilyn said...

How perfect! I am so glad you did this. I am sure they enjoyed this part of you.

massagematters said...

so glad that it worked out well for you! it is difficult to put ourselves out there, but we have to stay true to who we are! :)

Angela McRae said...

Good for you! I have to say, I usually find that risky moves are worthwhile, and I often wish I'd tried them sooner!

mep said...

You're inspiring me to take more leaps. When I'm meeting new people, I often feel like I am boring and struggling to make conversation, but I think that's because I am reluctant to show my authentic self. I'd say the majority of people I know don't even know I have a blog, for example.

So glad the tea morning went well for you!

Alex Zorach said...

I think it's a cool coincidence (or maybe not?) that you posted this on November 11th, and I posted a couple posts, on each of my blogs, each with a wish for this special day (11/11/11). And my idea blog had a wish that people would stop and reflect on what they really want.


I do really love it when a group of people gets together (and by group, I mean anywhere from 2 to hundreds, although I find it often happens best in smallish groups) and shares their authentic selves with each other, as you put it.