Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tea and Truth: Falling in Love with Tea (and Giveaway)

Congratulations to Angela winner of the giveaway from last week's writing prompt!  And thank you to everyone who left comments, I read each and every word.

Writing Theme for Week #3: Falling in Love with Tea

This week, let's reflect upon our relationship with tea.  Did you fall in love over time, slowly with each sip, or was it love at first site? 

Preparing: Gather a pen and paper, or your computer. Put on some music that fits your mood.  Make a cup of your favorite know, the one that captured your attention or sent you over the moon  (for me, it was Bai Hao Oolong).

Sipping: Slowly sip the tea.  Inhale its aroma.  Let the memories swirl up and into your mind and heart.

Writing: Try out these writing prompts, or go with what moves you...
  • Think about a moment in time in which you had a deep and abiding appreciation of tea.  Describe the setting with details...
    • How old were you?  What was happening in your life at the time?
    • What were you wearing, do you recall?  If not, take a guess and embellish with details.
    • Where were you sipping?  Describe the setting - color of walls (if inside), the chair, the temperature, the quality of light, the sounds.
    • Who was with you?  Were you sipping alone or with company?
    • What tea were you drinking?  Do you recall its flavor or scent?
    • What did the china look like?  A favorite mug, a delicate cup and saucer, a celadon gaiwan?  Describe the pattern, the feel of the vessel.
  • Now let's write about why we fell in love with tea.
    • For many of us, it was the experience of afternoon tea with its beautiful china, delicate foods, delicious tea, and companionship.  Was this "it" for you?  Tell me this story. 
    • Was it tea alone, in a quiet moment of contemplation? 
    • Was it the caffeine combined with the calming?
    • Was it the exploration of tea's diversity, flavor, character, aroma, etc.?
    • Write about WHAT it is with tea that captures your heart. 
  • Note:  For me, this is an evolving story.  I can't pick just one instance, and so I tell the story in different ways each time it's asked.  Pick one story and go long, or write snippets of several - whatever works for you!

Prizes: Leave a comment in this post, telling me what you you think about this writing prompt OR share a snippet of writing. We're all winners by reading your comments. I'll announce the winner, chosen randomly, next week. Happy writing!
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Snap said...

I'm really enjoying your Tea and Truth series. I've been an ice tea drinker all my life ... southern girl! I really didn't get *into* tea until I moved to the big city and started work at the museum. I was asked ten years ago to give a food and feast tour using art work. There was a beautiful water jar used in the Japanese tea ceremony on exhibit and that's when my research started on tea. It has grown and grown and grown ... and this is just a taste! :D :D

Angela McRae said...

Yippee! And thank you! I already know what I want to write about for this one ... just need to let my thoughts steep a bit!

Marilyn said...

Congratulations to Angela!
Stephanie, I am thoroughly enjoying this series. I seem to be slow at sitting with tea and writing, but I do before you post the next entry. Can't wait to sit soon with this one. Thanks!

gypsygsoul said...

I just now saw the prompt and I know Week 3 is up, but I want to comment anyway.

I've been fighting an upper respiratory infection for three weeks and during this time tea has become my friend. The only thing that stopped the coughing was cammomile with hibiscus and Biegelow's Throat Coat. Now I've incorporated tea into to my evening ritual when I come home from work. I've recently discovered Tea Forte and am enthralled with the packaging almost as much as the tea.

I also bought a new cup. It's solid, substantial, fat and squat. The inside is a rich creamy color and the outside is a muddy taupe.It feels earthy and grounded. I sit in my chair and cup the cup in both hands and just take in the aroma of the tea du jour. This little ceremony makes my whole evening sing.

Steph said...

Hey, Gypsysoul - I'm so glad that tea is helping you through, and please feel better SOON!

Unknown said...

As much of a coffee lover as I am, there's a special time of day, that for me is made special with tea. The first thing in the morning, I do daily prayer, meditation and journaling. Tea is as much a part of my ritual as is the candle, the paper and the pen. Years ago, I was looking at some of the china that I have from my kid's paternal grandmother (my mother-in-law). For some reason, I decided that I'd use one of her cups and saucer for my morning tea (rather than just looking at it in a cupboard). My choice of tea varies with the seasons. Currently, I've switched to tea with a hint of ginger.