Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Crumpet Shop

Back to my Seattle trip... You know, on a side note, blogging about the trip is a great way to re-live the experience!

One of the places I sought out at the Pike Place Market was The Crumpet Shop.

I have become a crumpet-lover! I'd never had fresh crumpets before, and they are marvelous! They're kinda like an English Muffin, but not really. The bottom is crispy, and the top is soft and melts in your mouth. It's full of bubbly holes from the yeast used in the batter. Marvelous!

The first day at the Crumpet Shop, I had lunch. I enjoyed a crumpet topped with cream cheese, salmon, and an egg.

Appropriately, the Crumpet Shop also serves tea - and I mean very nice, loose-leaf teas! On my last day in Seattle, I got up at 7 am so I could make my way down to the store and have one more crumpet before I left. I had a crumpet with butter and honey, and a lovely Tie Kuan Yin tea. (This is a high-quality oolong tea, this version is very lightly oxidized.) The store offers unlimited refills on the tea (hot water for your loose leaves).

The Crumpet Shop has been in business since 1976, tho not always under the same name. It started out as "United Metropolitan Improved Crumpet Baking & Punctual Deliver Company". According to the shop's paper bag, customers simply called it "The Crumpet Shop." So, they changed the name to "English "T" Crumpets". Once again, customers called it "The Crumpet Shop" and that is where the name lays today.

I came home with 3 bags of crumpets, one to share and two for the DH and me! YUM!

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Allison said...

Sounds delish! I love shops dedicated to baked goods...or just baked goods in general. :)