Friday, October 06, 2006


I had a very spiritual experience this morning. The DH and I were walking downtown for an early breakfast. It was about 6:45 am, still dark. As we passed over the bridge near our house, we looked over our right shoulders (to the West) and saw an incredibly large and full moon - directly at the end of our street. It was one of those, "be quiet and observe" moments. We had the good fortune of repeating the same experiece a few streets later. It was awesome, in the most literal sense.

It's been a day of contemplation for me. I was browsing through a local gift store and found this great pendant of a woman holding the moon above her head. It was very symbolic of the morning's experience. It reminded me of the value of the female perspective that is so masked and devalued in many societies. My hope is that women (and men) will raise our voices and put a stop to violence, aggression, domination and fear.

I've recently stumbled onto this great quote:

"One day we may all owe our survival to subversive women." I pray that it is so and that I may be subversive enough to speak my truth. You, too (men included!).

I think a cup of pu-erh tea is in my near future. It's an aged tea and it is purported to bring one deep into her roots. And, by the way, I think I'm a feminist - if that wasn't obvious. :-) Not an "I hate men" person - but a woman who demands that women and men be valued equally for thier gifts.


Teafan said...

Rock on, sister!

Allison said...

I love your description of the moments with the moon. I just came back in the house a few minutes ago after checking the mail. It is dark here and the magnificent moon was glowing big over our neighborhood. I think I felt what you described as I paused at the foot of my driveway for a deep breath and a moment with the moon. I believe these quiet times give us the words to speak our truth- now we only need the ability to share it.

John said...

wow, what a beautiful blog. it made my eyes well up. and what truth that we will be saved by subversive women. as a man I even have to recognize in myself the things I do that infringe upon women's perspective and value. it is a continuous learning process to be aware of the way in which we can be open to the perspectives and value of all people in life. namaste stephanie.