Monday, October 16, 2006

Tea at Columbus Inn

A group of friends recently had tea at the Columbus Inn. Tea room info can be found here. The tea room is called Empire Tea Services and is available for afternoon tea parties (6 or more, resv. required).

It was a great time in celebration of the birthday of the gal at the head of the table. Here are some photos from the day. Enjoy!

Finger sandwiches included:
Roast beef, smoked turkey, salmon, cucumber, and asparagus

Desserts included:

Lemon cake, poppyseed bread, cream puffs, chocolate cherry cake, chocolate torte.

We also sampled three different teas. One was a nice Black Currant (serendipitous because that's a favorite for the b-day girl!) and another was called Snow Berry.

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Harmonia said...

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