Thursday, October 12, 2006


To my friends at work who've been impacted through all of the craziness going on (and that's all of us)....know this:

If you want to celebrate, then I'll pour you a drink
If you want to cry, my shoulder is open
If you want to cuss and hurl things, I'll make a dart board with a big blue swoosh on it
If you want do all three, then it sounds like a great party! :-)



Allison said...

Add some chocolate and this could go on for multiple days. :)

You're right, we have all been impacted and will continue to be. May we all find our peace- with or without the company we work for but always with the company of the friends we've made here.

Anonymous said...

Today I'm at the crying point. By this afternoon, I hope to be at the darts stage. Then by tomorrow, I want to celebrate and be done with it. >-) TV

John said...

I think I would probably cuss and hurl if I had to stay. I'll toast you and to new beginnings. Oh, and I just add the barley to the soup uncooked. And the matcha martini was very bitter...but I need to check the recipe I may have left something out.