Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chantilly Tea Room - Tucson

Last week at this time, I was happily ensconced with my friend (AZ Tea Lover) in the Chantilly Tea Room - Tucson, AZ.

The building, perched on a hillside, was designed by owner Tamara Read specifically to be a tea room. We were the first ones in that day, and when we left (almost 2 hours later!), I was excited to see the tea room full!

Pardon, please, the cliche, but I found this place to be a true oasis in the desert! We sat on the outdoor patio, overlooking the lovely water feature and snapdragons, and with the majestic saguaro cactus in the background.

Guests are asked to choose a favorite tea cup and saucer. It was a hard decision!

We ordered the Duchess Afternoon Tea. Mmmm! I had a black tea with hints of jasmine and vanilla. My friend had a black tea with rose petals and peach. And the food was as good as it looks!

There's a very tempting gift store, too.

If you find yourself in Tucson, the Chantilly Tea Room will be well worth your time! And plan to stay a while!


Joyce said...

WE have a niece in Tucson and I would love to go see her and the Chantilly TEA ROOM! HA!
Steph I LOVE the photo of you and your friend. How sweet!
You need to get a print of it and frame it for a memory. The colors are GREAT!!! I think that pink stucco wall behind you is a beautiful back drop and the table looks wonderul.... and you two both look so good.
Thanks for posting the photos and the article. It does sound as if you all did indeed find yourselves an "Oasis."
I love it.

sweetcakes said...

This place looks fabulous. What a unique building, you wouldn't expect it to house a tea room. I like the idea of getting to pick your own cup and saucer. Looks like a lovely time.

Bigelow Tea said...

What a nice touch! Getting to choose your own tea cup…Julie for Bigelow Tea

stitchinmomma said...

I will be in Tucson in Sept! This is a perfect spot for my mom and my sister and sister in law to catch up with me! I can hardly wait.

AZ Tea Lover said...

It was such a treat to have you visit, Steph!

For anyone else planning a visit, reservations are a good idea, and you can choose how much food you'd like to accompany your tea. Check the Chantilly website for info.

parTea lady said...

The Chantilly Tea Room looks like a wonderful place. The building is so pretty and unusual. I'm looking forward to seeing their website. Enjoying a leisurely tea with a special friend is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Angela McRae said...

What a gorgeous place! Love the design of that building, and it looks like y'all had a terrific time. I love your traveling tea reports!

Alice said...

I love your tearoom reviews! I always feel as though I'm enjoying tea right along with you.

ceekay said...

Ok, I hope you get this comment since it is on such a later post. I live in the Phoenix area. Did you visit here and I am unfamiliar with your site, but who is AZ tea lover? Does she own a tea room? I have been to everyone in the Phoenix area, but not Tucson, but thanks for the pics! I am rambling, but I get that way when we start talking about tea rooms.

Mom said...

My sister and I were at Chantilly earlier this week. This is the third time we have had tea there. The ambiance was wonderful as usual but we both thought the tea treats were not up to Chantilly's usual standards. I hope they were just having an "off" day because we love going there for tea.