Thursday, April 17, 2008

Of Sweat and Skirts

I think of myself as part girly-girl and part tomboy. Skirts are my favorite thing to wear and I like to sweat.

I like to wear skirts because I love the way they move with my body. I like how they flow when I walk and I LOVE how they twirl when I dance. The more twirly, the better.

The skirt girl

I also like to sweat. What I mean is that I like to do things that cause me to sweat. I like to run, bike, dance, muck horse stalls.

The sweaty girl, just back from a run

These two likes collide sometimes, especially in the summertime. I wear a lot of skirts and I walk most everywhere in town. So on a sunny day at 95 degrees and 95 percent Midwest humidity, I'm gonna sweat in that 17-minute walk to the library. I don't let a little sweat stop me! My swishy skirt and I just march along. I've been known to dance a little on the way, too!


On a related note, the skirt shown above is one that I just made over the weekend. I am learning to sew and skirts are great because they're pretty simple and I can whip one up relatively quickly (I'm an impatient sewer.) Once I learned how to do zippers, a whole world opened for me - the world of skirts!

This skirt is the first I've done with a lining. Which, I must say, is heavenly. I love the feel - the extra weight and substance the lining gives. Special thanks to AZ Tea Lover for lining guidance!


Anonymous said...

Yes, skirts are wonderful for making a girl feel like she is properly dressed. I even remember when we wore a slip under those skirts. Whoops, my years are showing ";-) You are so right! The skirt must twirl when the DH and I go out ballroom dancing. None of those wimpy straight skirts for dancing. When ever I see a suitable dress, it must be a dancing dress. You look wonderful in your skirts and your sweats.

My sweaty time is spent in the garden and I love to sweat and get my exercise there. In fact there is a 5 foot high pile of mulch just waiting for me and tomorrow it will be conquered!

Keep up the great sewing. You are becoming quite accomplished. I remember how I felt when I put in my first zipper. Somehow being able to do that meant that I could now call myself a seamstress.

Have fun in your twirly skirts,

Mary Jane

marye said...

Sewing is such a fantastic ability..I have enjoyed it when I had time. Your skirts are great!
Thanks for stopping by my blog

Jes said...

hehehe....luv this post! Sweat and all! And aren't you the

The skirt is adorable, you're at sewing! I'm envious!

Have a marvelous weekend girl!


Angela McRae said...

Well, I must say you are just cute as a button in that terrific new skirt! Pretty design, great fabric (almost looks vintage) ... I like it a lot. And I'm also impressed at your sewing skills because I am deathly afraid of zippers and have never attempted one!

Allison said...

What a cute skirt- good work! I can relate to being girly and sweaty. :)

MEP said...

I love your skirts, and am so impressed that you continue to challenge yourself with sewing projects! Once I finish my dissertation and graduate, I hope to learn how to thread my sewing machine . . . and then learn how to actually sew!

Linda said...

Love the skirt! Congratulations on your skills as a hobby seamstress.

sweetcakes said...

I loved this outfit when I saw you in it Wed. night. Very classy, very you! The skirt is great. I can't wait to have enough time to get out my new skirt pattern and sew a few for myself.

kathi said...

I love skirts too but what an incredible sewing job you've done! I would have never known....the zipper was always the hardest for me but once you get the hang of it, there's no stopping you! Great job Steph! :)

Philigry said...

you did a great job! love your skirt. i love wearing them in the summer. i think they are so much more comfortable than shorts!
how is the lettuce you planted ear;ier doing?