Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day Tip #3 - Go on an Appreciation Tour

I got this idea of an appreciation tour from one of Alexandra Stoddard's books, most likely Living a Beautiful Life. The idea really stuck with me and is something I try to do from time to time. Her idea is this: Go on an appreciation tour of your own home. Re-train yourself to see the beauty that you have - the things that you love but no longer see because they are ever-present. She takes the idea further and encourages us to rearrange things - put them in new places, so that we see them anew.

I think this is a brilliant idea! And it relates to positive environmental karma in the following way: If we are to see our existing possessions and appreciate them, hopefully that will help calm the beast of consumerism in us. When we appreciate what we have, surely we will have a lessened need for more new stuff.

There are some eco-decorating ideas in this Martha Stewart post. I particularly like the arranged bottles idea (photo at the top). Cost: $0. It's beautiful and great reuse of stuff! (On a side note, I used to make fun of Martha Stewart, but I really like her magazine these days. My library carries it! Wahoo! I see in her magazine a strong alignment toward positive environmentalism. For example, when talking about plants, she recommends nontoxic fertilizers and natural pest deterrents.)

Quoting Sheryl Crow's song Soak Up the Sun (she may be quoting someone else, I'm not sure): "It's not getting what you want, it's wanting what you've got." Makes sense to me!


Anonymous said...

Ooooo - those glass vases and jars are so pretty! What a clever idea!

Philigry said...

that picture is beautiful, and i love this post. i do love to shop and all, but these past few years i have done what you are suggesting here, or i buy used things for my home. i feel like so many people these days are just into buying stuff, but not taking care of their stuff and appreciating it.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas, Steph! And the jars all together look lovely!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

What an insightful post! I never thought about it, but when I moved to this house, I wanted all new stuff, was tired of looking at the same things I had had for years. So, I did get several new decor accessories, but many were things I didn't really LOVE! Over the last 3 years I have slowly been pulling those "old things" out of storage and incorporating them into my current house. My house "feels" so much more like home! I'll have to take another tour of my home, like you have suggested! :) Love your the colored glass!

Come visit me again soon!

~Rhonda :)

Angela McRae said...

Love the photo, but then I'm partial to glassware the color of water! And I also like your info on doing an "appreciation tour," so I think I'll try that. A decorator friend told me years ago that one of the tricks of the trade is to move your things around frequently so that they often seem "new." Reminds me of how, when I pull out the Christmas decor each year, I always seem to feel like I've gone on a really fun shopping trip. Great post!

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks for visiting me. This was a very thoughtful posting... sometimes I feel that (myself included) we could all use a "lesson" in being content (contentment). :-)

Lorrie said...

I love this idea - so fresh looking, and as you say, 0$ and environmentally friendly. I love rearranging the things I already own to create new vignettes.

Thanks for commenting on the tea time treats on my blog. Tea at the Empress is memorable!