Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day Tip #1 - Go on a Beauty Walk

In honor of Earth Day (tomorrow), I'll be posting Earth Day Tips all week. (Don't worry - I'll fit in some tea stuff, too!)

Earth Day (in the US) was started in 1970 as a way to get environmental issues addressed on the national level. Here's to those visionary founders - cheers (raising teacup)!

One thing you should know about me - healing the earth, as the DH and I call it, takes a seat of importance at our table. Literally, from the foods we choose (we are mostly vegetarian), to the car we very seldom drive to hundreds of other daily choices, working toward a healthy environment for future generations is of utmost importance to me. To be honest, I grow increasingly impatient with people who choose to remain in ignorance about the state of our world. However, my goal is to stay joyful in this work. As our minister discussed in church yesterday, I hope to let the joy of my work to heal the earth convince others to join the cause.

So, having shared my truth, here's the earth tip for today: Go on a beauty walk! Get to know the flora and fauna of your neighborhood. What a sensual indulgence to see, touch, smell, hear - and sometimes even taste (think honeysuckle) the nature world. I love to learn about my locale - what thrives here naturally? What is a transplant? What is an invasive species that should be pulled up? When do the daffodils bloom? What critter is it that digs in my yard? What song birds frequent these trees?

In essence, I am suggesting we all share in the joy of improving our skills in the art of observation.


Teafan said...

What a positive approach, Steph!

Philigry said...

oh, i love this tip. we have wild roses in our woods, and wild violets that grow everywhere in our yard. every year I transplant some, and buy less at the store.

Anonymous said...

Love your ideas! As Mary Oliver wrote, "To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work."

Anonymous said...

I love your idea of sharing the joy of this work.