Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tea and Poetry

April is National Poetry Month. Tea and poetry are perfect companions, don't you think? Grab a cup and linger over a favorite phrase, the turning of a word, the melding of metaphors.

Do you have a favorite tea poetry source? I have two tea poetry books that I enjoy: Tea Poetry, an anthology compiled by Pearl Dexter and Musings with a Cuppa by
Earlene Grey (pen name, I assume).

Here is a poem I wrote tonight, on my way home from writing class.

This Moment
At morning light, periwinkle vinca peeks through the grass
With cheery determination and perseverance

At noon, the daffodils raise their faces
Yogis with their perfect sun salutations

At tea time, the smell of hyacinths reaches round the corner
Masking the fumes of cars stopped at the light

At darkness, the weeping cherry greets me with her hair
Flown asunder, a goddess backlit by the moon

In the time for one petal to unfold, life changes
From white to pink to rose to burgundy to black

These flowers don't whisper; they yell
This moment, This Moment, THIS MOMENT!

And here are a few of those screamin' beauties:


Teafan said...

Great poem! Thank you for sharing it! And the flowers, too.

Allison said...

Very lovely poem, Steph. Is there anything more fantastic than the smell of spring flowers? I can't imagine. :)

artandtea said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the references to the collections of tea poetry. I have added them to my wishlist.

Also, you created a lovely poem.