Monday, May 18, 2009

Gold Stars for Good Driving

Often walking or cycling, I observe a lot of driving behavior. Sadly, I see a lot of bad driving behavior. In an effort to keep things upbeat, I'll focus on driving behavior that I admire.
  1. People who stop and look for pedestrians at intersections.
  2. People who slow down and pass a cyclist cautiously.
  3. People who don't drive while intoxicated.
  4. People who don't drive while talking on the cell phone. It's the same as driving drunk.
  5. People who don't drive while emotionally or physically distracted.
  6. People who make crisp 90-degree, left-hand turns, instead of cutting into the lane that is not theirs.
  7. People who yield the right of way.
  8. People who really stop at stop signs.
  9. People who leave plenty of time to get where they are going.
  10. People who smile and wave.


Southern Touch Catering said...

Well I certainly fit into this category of things you like about good drivers- UNFORTUNATELY- I get distracted by the scenic views......ugh! I am a terrible one for staying in her own lane!!!! But we live in a rural area of Coweta where a lot of bikers enjoy biking so I do try and pay close attention when they are about, but I will admit I get distracted very easily.....:-(

Jason said...

I would like to see more of #10. I try to wave to most everyone I see in my neighborhood, and I rarely seem to elicit a response. I wonder why that is? Are we required to know the person? Are they afraid I'm a freak? It seems being friendly is not people's first response.

Melanie said...

Ha, ha - I like #10, although I've never thought of it as a part of good driving! I usually try to be a "good pedestrian" though, and smile and wave when I can tell someone has waited for me to cross the street.

Nothing taught be to be a more careful driver than spending a few summers walking and riding my bike everywhere! I think it ought to be perscribed to all.

Brittiny said...

11. People who actually use turn signals!!! Our cops don't even use them half of the time! I'm not sure if the people in my town actually know they exist on a car. Haha... Great post. ;)

Angela McRae said...

Here, here! I am forever playing dodge ball with cell-phone moms, so I thoroughly appreciate this post! (I'm going home in a bit to find YELLOW things, btw!)

zenabu said...

Great post! I wholeheartedly agree!

artandtea said...

I agree, Steph! It would be a different world if folks practiced these simple things. Unfortunately, I see a lot distractions happening on the road and WAY too many people with their cell phones held to their ears. And texting while driving is insane. We've had several MBTA accidents here in MA because the drivers were texting while working. I once saw a woman putting curlers in her hair while driving on the highway. I thought that I was hallucinating at first!

Lisa Leggett said...

Here, here!

I agree with everything you said. It is easier to moan, groan and gripe about the bad, and your take on the positive is refreshing. Good job! Can't wait to go home and find some yellow things to post :) Have a Tea-lightful day!

mep said...

I am in total support of this list--way to focus on the positive! I am always surprised by how many people drive and talk on their cell phones at the same time, even here in Chicago, where it is supposedly illegal.