Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Spy: Robin's Egg Blue (and Giveaway)!

This nest is just down the alley behind my house. Oh, I'm excited! I sure hope the cats will leave well enough alone!
(If you let your cat out, consider a bell on the collar to alert the birds.)

A soda siphon

My bathroom
(I'm still lovin' the color!)

Bloggers: If you want to play along, I will be doing this for at least 7 additional Tuesdays. I'll have two drawings, after the first four and then the second four. For each time you blog about the color of the week and send me a link to your site, I will enter your name (and post your link on my blog).

Readers: For each time you leave a comment, I will enter your name into a drawing. Again, two rounds, after each set of four.
Not sure what the prizes will be but they'll be fun. And just to clarify my math - it's 4 total giveaways! Two for bloggers and two for readers. Yay!

Colors: OK, here's the starting list of colors.
5/12 - Robin's Egg Blue
5/19 - Hello Yellow (or Mellow Yellow, if you prefer)
5/26 - Green Tea (thanks, Angela, for the tea connection!)
6/2 - Petal Pink (thanks for the recommendation!)

What colors do you recommend?


Melanie said...

Super cute bathroom; love the shower curtain with the walls!

Esmerelda said...

I just want to make sure I did it right with the red post.


Angela McRae said...

I think your bathroom is the color of my living room, and so I love them both!

As for a future color recommendation ... how about: Earl Grey (Gray)! (I would've said Green Tea but you've got Green on there already!)

Belinda said...

I love this blue and have teamed it with yellow and deep tan in my Bedroom and Bathroom. I have a print of Robin's eggs in a nest in the Bathroom and blue egg shaped soaps in a dish.

Hootie said...


You need to check out my blog and see if I have done this correctly!

I love the paint in your bathroom! I can imagine very relaxing baths in there.


kimberly said...

Love this color!!! It looks amazing in your bathroom!!!

Philigry said...

oh, i lvoe the nest and the eggs. there is a robin thta built a nest in a tree so close to our house. i am dying to get a peek, but everytime i get too close she yells at me.
oh course you can use the fabric idea! it was so much fun!

Southern Touch Catering said...

Steph, I have a similar blue nest like your for today. It is in my rosebush right out our bathroom window. The eggs really did hatch on mother's day!!! Is that too much or what! I love the color of you bathroom as well. My youngest daughter had that exact same shower curtain too!

Southern Touch Catering said...

Forgot to add color ideas.
Vivacious Violet
Ruby Red
Wistful White

comfrey cottages said...

this is fun! love your bathroom steph! how about fabulous fuschia for a color sometime? i spied something blue also so blogged about it with the link back here to you!thanks for starting this fun game! hugs :)

parTea lady said...

I like your photo of the nest and eggs. Robin egg blue is such a pretty color. I love the beach and if I ever have a beach house it will have a lot of this color. I will try to play along and I have a post for robin egg blue on my blog today.

Anonymous said...

oooooh, what a cool site! This is my first visit...I love the photo of the eggs - are they 'real' eggs? What a beautiful color!

I will be back for more visits,

Joanie Anderson
Newnan, Georgia
email: event123@charter.net

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie! I found this blog after searching for a "striped shower curtain go match my robin's egg blue bathroom". Ha! I almost fainted when I saw your shower curtain. Just what I'm looking for! Where did you get it? Thanks so much!!!