Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I Spy: Fire Colors! and Giveaway

It all started with these shoes. They were a birthday gift from AZ Tea Lover. They're vintage, in pristine condition. And they fit perfectly. I had to shave my legs AND paint my toenails to be worthy of wearing these. These are the type of shoes that inspire poems. They have a leather sole, so they will be perfect for dancing. And I think they're sexy. But the truth is, I wear them for myself because they make me smile. If the DH likes them, that's an added benefit.

Now these are more like what you'll see me wearing around the house on most days! This comparison started my thoughts down the path of recognizing how much red/orange (fire colors) I have around me. I really love those colors, and I love them blended. Maybe it's because I'm a fire sign, Aries. Maybe it's because my Mom has always liked red. I like these fire colors and they're in my life a lot. I decided to show you just a few, then I decided - what the heck, why not start a color series. (I'm borrowing this idea from other bloggers.) I'll be blogging about colors for the next several Tuesdays. I'd love for you to join me, either on your blog or in the comments. Details at the bottom.

Fire colors on my bed. I've heard that red in the bedroom inspires passion. ;-)

Though this looks like a red peony (wish it were - I could cash in!), it's actually a tulip!

This fabric is just gorgeous, don't you think? It's leftover fabric from a friend and I hung it on my wall in my office. It's what I'm facing now as I type.

Other fire colors you might have seen on my blog include the teacup wristlet, orange patchwork tablecloth, red strawberries, red tea kettle, red mittens and orange patchwork bag. I could have also blogged about much more, such as my orange batik PJs. :-)

Giveaway! So now for the fun part...

Bloggers: If you want to play along, I will be doing this for at least 8 additional weeks. I'll have two drawings, after the first four and then the second four. For each time you blog about the color of the week and send me a link to your site, I will enter your name (and post your link on my blog).

Readers: For each time you leave a comment, I will enter your name into a drawing. Again, two rounds, after each set of four (and including today, that's actually 9 chances total).

Not sure what the prizes will be but they'll be fun. And just to clarify my math - it's 4 total giveaways! Two for bloggers and two for readers. Yay!

Colors: OK, here's the starting list of colors.

  • 5/12 - Robin's Egg Blue
  • 5/19 - Hello Yellow (or Mellow Yellow, if you prefer)
  • 5/26 - Grass is Greener
  • What colors do you recommend?


Steph said...

Oh! And I should have added in the view I saw this morning. The DH and I were doing hill repeats on a challenging hill. (We did 6 - woohoo!) We call it "buddist hill" because there is a buddist monk facility at the base. As we were screaming down the hill and around the curve - out from the grass stepped a monk. Fotunately, we didn't hit him. :-)

The point I'm getting to is that he had on a burgundy red robe, yellow sandals, and a red fleece jacket. He made a very pretty picture.

Melanie said...

Love those little buttons on those shoes! And I'm an Aries too! But I don't have a lot of red around the house. A little, but mostly I gravitate toward greens.

Belinda said...

I wear alot of red-usually paired with Black and white. My youngest child's graduation is Sat. -wearing a black and white floral print with Red shoes.
In the house I have a green kitchen(color is called Rye Grass) but use yellow and red accents-like Tea tins,bowls.
Don't do Orangs anymore but in High School I had 2 different orange prom dresses!!

parTea lady said...

Another Aries here. My mom used to say that I should wear red. I do like red, and also the coral shades. The vintage shoes are great.

sweetcakes said...

The next three colors you've selected should be easy for me to blog about since they are some of my favorites. ;) Should we post the "color of the week" on the dates you listed or sometime during those weeks?

mep said...

I think pink.

I'm down with brown.

Steph said...

@Sweetcakes - You can post any time. Just be sure to give me the link here. :-)

Southern Touch Catering said...

Oh, What FUN!!! I'll play.
(P.S.-I'm still not yet updated)

Greenmare said...

oh my gosh! Robins egg blue is my current favorite color!!! My favorite color changes daily, occasionaly hourly or minutely- is it a word? I actually found 2 Robins eggs in the lawn this spring and I saved them both, they are so pretty!

Joyce said...

Hey Steph.....
Well....I had to come over to tell you we picked our FIRST ripe tomato the other night and ate it tonight. HA! It was awesome too of course.
So I say.....RED!
But I have tons of GREEN in my house and yellow walls in our kitchen and dining room.
Loved those shoes....that Arizona Tea person is so kind to you!

Esmerelda said...

How fortunate that a few of Esmerelda's favorite books are red?!


PS--I do not usually talk about myself in the third person.