Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yellow, yellow, everywhere!

Here are the blog posts from the folks playing along with the Yellow color theme. If I've missed anyone, please let me know! There's still plenty of time to join this week's "I Spy" color fun. The color is Hello Yellow (or Mellow Yellow).

And here is more info on the giveaway:

Bloggers: For each time you blog about the color of the week and send me a link to your site, I will enter your name (and post your link on my blog).

Readers: For each time you leave a comment, I will enter your name into a drawing.

Not sure what the prizes will be but they'll be fun. And just to clarify my math - it's 4 total giveaways! Two for bloggers and two for readers. Yay!

Colors: OK, here's the starting list of colors. I'm posting on Tuesdays, but you can post whenever you like.
5/26 - Green Tea (thanks, Angela, for the tea connection!)
6/2 - Petal Pink
(thanks for the recommendation!)
-----End of Round 1---------


Southern Touch Catering said...

This is great fun, especially seeing what everyone finds.

VeeTea said...

How fun! I'll try to post on green this week. :)