Sunday, July 01, 2007

About My Blog and Me...

I've had an influx of several new readers lately - welcome and thank you for your comments! I love comments!

I wanted to let folks know that my blog is loosely structured around tea. In the summer, it's also been called my flower-and-tea blog because I love to post pretty pictures of flowers from my garden! ;-)

My tag line reads: "Blog on tea and the larger world around it." I think that sums up my "focus" pretty well. I write about what moves me in the moment.

I want to be more disciplined about using tags (labels) for the blog posts. Common themes you'll find on my blog (I'll turn these into labels):


In terms of tea credentials, I'm a life-long lover of tea and read anything I can get my hands on about the subject! I think that's the most important credential. It's something anyone can learn about, and deeply. In addition, I've completed the Protocol School of Washington's Tea & Etiquette training. I also had the recent joy to complete the Tea Master's class, sponsored by the UK Tea Council and co-taught by Jane Pettigrew and Tim Clifton. This was a highlight of my small tea career!

I have a full-time day job, but on the side I love sharing my tea passion. I teach classes through the local continuing education department about tea, I serve as a guest speaker at tea parties and other types of programs, I host tea tastings and I sell a few high-quality loose teas to a handful of friends and customers. (However, this blog is non-commercial.) I try not to buy any more lovely china! My cupboards overflow!

My husband (the "DH" - dear hubby) and I try to live life simply and consciously. We try to be ever-evolving souls who walk very lightly on the earth, leaving no scars but rather love and joy. I sometimes fall short, but this is my goal.

Back to my blog - I try to share something tea-related out here at least once per week, often more.



megan p said...

Hi Steph,

I always read your blog . . . thanks for the time and thoughtfulness you put into it. I especially loved the recent photos of the bike trip. Hope you are having a lovely summer!


tongue in cheek said...

You live it well; A beautiful path you are on. Thank you for your comment on my blog and I am glad to meet you.

Kas said...

You've represented yourself very well here and it is thoughful of you to "re-introduce" yourself. I'm so happy you are getting more readers ~ they are in for a treat!

Allison said...

Very nice summary! :)
I experienced a "white glove" tea service on Friday night and couldn't help but think of you!

Tea Party Girl said...

Wow! Protocol School of Washington~that's no small deal. I would love to hear how you want to use what you learned.