Monday, July 23, 2007


"Sturdiness - adj. Solidly made and likely to withstand prolonged use."
From the Encarta Dictionary.

This teapot is one of my favorites. I like the colors and the heaviness of the stoneware. It is not fragile; it is made to last.

What is sturdy in your life, metaphorically and practically?


Anonymous said...

What is sturdy? My husband and my shoes - in that order.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting question and metaphor! (Plus a pretty pot.) What's sturdy? My will, and my bicycle.

Shanna said...

My perseverence and loyalty

Anonymous said...

God, love for my family, our sturdy log home.

Spence said...

Family, friends, faith.

artandtea said...

Hi Steph, What a beautiful teapot set. I love the colors! Let's see....sturdy... My unglazed ceramic teapot, definitely. It's a royal matte purple with magical symbols stamped into the sides. The little knob on the lid is a star. I love my little teapot and it has held up to MANY tea steepings. My blue Saturn VUE is sturdy and takes me all sorts of interesting places. And, most of all, my boyfriend. He is very calm and rational and solid. BTW, thanks for your kind words about my flower photos! -Karen

Samantha said...

My tea! I can infuse it up to three times no problem!

No, really... my passions. I'm very glad about that.

I love your blog and how you get readers involved. Good luck!

-- Sam