Sunday, July 01, 2007

Eating Day Lilies

Did you know that Day Lilies are edible? Here are a few beauties we enjoyed the other day. I like them in a salad where they impart a mild onion flavor. I also like them battered and fried, tho I don't eat them that way very often.
The DH (dear hubby) munches on them as he works in the garden.

We grew these yellow beauties ourselves (well, that is - the DH grew them), so we knew they were pesticide-free.

More info on day lilies and how to eat them (scroll down to Uses section).


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph! My sister and I present a fun program on Edible flowers.... she does the program, talks all about growing, harvesting, preserving, and such and I provide the tea party complete with edible flowers. We love to serve stuffed day lilies - any salad or cole slaw will do. (Tulips are another edible flower that stuffs easily.) Another fun thing we like to do with day lilies.. pick the buds when they are small and toss them into a jar of dill pickles. Let them marinate for a week, and you will have yummy pickled day lily buds. The only problem is that you won't have the full flower to enjoy in all its glory, but it's a fun thing to try at least once! And, as you mentioned, any edible flower must be pesticide free!

Kas said...

These are so lovely that I'd have a hard time eating them!
Has the garden club visited yet? Please tell us how it all goes when they do.

Anonymous said...

my Grand daughter (almost 4 years old now) likes to eat just about anything growing in the garden and field. I am delighted that day lilies are eatable. Now I do not have to be scared about her eating those because I do not use any pesticide around the house or garden. I just wish i could find more flowers that are eatable to plant in my garden for next year.
Grandma Iris