Wednesday, July 11, 2007

For Chicago Friends and Family...

There's a new book out called All the Tea in Chicago. I recommend it! I picked up a copy recently, but it's also at my public library - you might try requesting it from your own.

The book is 75 pages and attempts to cover the tea scene in Chicago. The author, Susan Blumberg, has three main sections to the book. Each describes a different tea setting and includes a description of the service provided, hours and contact information. The tea settings covered are:
* Hotel afternoon tea
* Tea houses and restaurants
* Bubble tea

Throughout the book Susan has added interesting quotes and facts about tea. She includes a tea website section and a glossary.

The book isn't nearly as fancy as the Tea in the City series (London, Paris, New York), but I think it does a fine job of listing the tea opportunities in Chicago . That's no small feat! I really like that the book is thin and narrow. It will fit well inside a bag so that you can take it with you as you head out for your tea destinations.

I'm hoping to put this book to the test in the fall when a couple of girlfriends and I make a trip to Chicago. Maybe I'll see you then!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a fun book. Hey - BTW, what is a bubble tea?

megan p said...

Great tip! I'm excited to track down this book and find out what tea spots are in my neighborhood. I know of a few already!