Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stop Buying Bottled Water

First, it's a scam because much of the bottled water is nothing but tap water. In addition, and more importantly, it's a serious drain on the ecosystem. Not only do the bottles end up on the roadside and in landfills, the process of making them is very damaging to the environment.

In addition, I have concerns about bad stuff from the soft plastics leaching into the water. And the most recent "water" trend is to add sugary flavor to it.

Stop buying bottled water.
Watch this news clip. (Thanks, JP)
Then read this article.

Give up bottled water. Instead, purchase a decent filter (you can get a pitcher-sized one for about $20) and use a refillable bottle.

As for tea, I use tap water that's been filtered through my pitcher. It works great. I actually prefer it over bottled water because the quality of the latter is so variable.

Giving up bottled water is a very simple thing to do. The world is worth it.


Allison said...

To add to your point, I've read (in more than one place lately) that the standards for bottled water are LESS strict than those for tap water. Yikes. Evian backwards is "naive"...hmmmm ;-)

Hélène Deroubaix said...

thanks so much for your kind comment it's lovely to read:)

ooooh tea! you make me want to go in the kitchen to make some :-)
one of my fav is taste of tropics ^_^
I also love cherry tree!

Michelle said...

I'm finally leaving a comment! This topic is one that is close to my heart...anything environmental :-) No more bottled water...AMEN! I tell my students about the lack of standards regulating bottled H2O and they can't believe it. What a shameful trend. Hope all is well!

Tea Party Girl said...

The statistics showing how much it would cost to take care of potable drinking water needs throughout the world vs. how much Americans spend on bottled water are quite eye-opening.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the important reminder!