Monday, July 16, 2007


I've received many gifts lately and I am truly humbled! Here are just a few...

* Community. I attended a Women Writing for (a) Change weekend retreat and was profoundly inspired. Writing has been something I've used to process my emotions and experiences since I was a little girl. This workshop helped me take this into new depth. The best thing about the weekend retreat was learning how to receive comments on my work given in a supportive, rather than critical, way. I found myself wondering what the educational system would be like if children experienced this type of support! Perhaps we, as a society, would no longer be such squelchers of creativity. I'm thinking of sharing a bit of my writing from this retreat later in the week. I still need to sift through and do more sitting with it.

* Surprises. Tom and I recently received a surprise delivery of Wolferman's crumpets! Yumm! Original, cinnamon-sugar, blueberry, raspberry. Wow - they are tasty! The friend that sent them recently wrote a thought-provoking blog post about gift giving. Thank you, JP, for putting your thoughts into practice and for sharing your abundance with us. May it be returned.

* Friends. I have been mindful of the gift of old friends that stay in touch and new friends coming that come into my life. One of my oldest friends and mentors recently visited us. That was a true blessing.

* Something old. The DH surprised me with a gift of vintage linens. He found these at a local thrift store. He is a gifted thrift store and yard sale shopper! He finds incredible things! I think it's due to his Virgo nature of thoroughness. He goes through a thrift store in a very methodical and thorough manner. I am blessed to be the recipient of many of his thrift-store treasures.

* A history. I've been collecting family stories to compile into a booklet for my grandparents and extended family. These stories make me laugh, cry and offer thanks to have a network of caring and loving relations. We're not perfect, thank goodness. That would be too boring to write about!

* Abundant life. I feel truly blessed with abundance. I believe we all are if we are brave enough to see it.

Peace, Stephanie


Kas said...

Steph, I adore this post!

AZ Tea Lover said...

Yum - crumpets! Now I know where to get some.

Your post is a wonderful example of gratitude. Thanks for the example.

Hope you're enjoying those lovely linens!

Blogging My Life Away said...

ah Crumpets! goes so well with Tea..but of course :) funny Martin is a virgo too and he brings the most beautiful china home from Flea markets etc! ok let's face it we are lucky!! Miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely post. Thanks for giving us this glimpse into your gracious attitude.

Judy1111 said...
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