Friday, July 20, 2007

My Harry Potter Pledge

I have a confession.
I read the endings of books first. Well, technically, I read the first chapter, then the last, and then the middle. It's so fun for me this way! I love to try and figure out how the author will get from the beginning to the end. It's the middle stuff that fascinates me most. (I prefer to know the endings of movies before I watch them, too.)

Well, I'm making a pledge for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that will be released at 12:01 am tomorrow morning. I am committing to NOT read the end first. No, I will put aside my normal book-reading indulgence and muddle through from the first page to the last, in that order. The reason is simply that this is the last in a series of books that, for me, have been an incredible journey into a very vivid fantasy world. I want to be surprised at the end.

This will be tough! My habit is not one that will be easy to leave behind. But I know I can do this!

I'm not standing in line to get a copy of the new book at 12:01. In fact, I'll wait for my copy from the library. (This is not a book I find the need to purchase.) However, I don't mind enjoying a little Harry Hype along the way! I'll be downtown with a girlfriend tonight. Maybe we'll apparate into a bookstore just to see what's going on.

I've been reading book 6, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, over the past 2 days to remind myself of the plot subtleties. For those of you who didn't have time to re-read all 652 pages of the last book, I find that this wikipedia site has a great summary of the remaining issues to be resolved. Scroll down to "Unresolved plot elements."

I'm guessing it will be a quiet weekend as kids of all ages enjoy the last Harry Potter adventure.


Steph said...

You may also want to check out this NPR site. There are some interesting interviews.

Tea Party Girl said...

Steph, I haven't got into HP because of my children's ages, but I must be the last one on the planet. Such a big deal! Enjoy the hype and the process.

Anonymous said...

Not reading the ending first!!!
Wow, that is going to be tuff on you. That is breaking a long habit of yours. If you get the urge to do it, just call. I'll help you get pass it.

Micki said...

Wow! I think I knew that about you...because you're the only other person besides me that I know who does that. It verified to me that I wasn't crazy :) My really favorties authors are the ones that even when you read the end you really can't figure it out until you read the whole book!

She'sSewPretty said...

I am looking forward and also not looking forward to reading the last HP book. I have loved all of them and don't want the series to end. I put off reading them for years and then read one and had to read them all. Front to back for me.
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!!

Anonymous said...

I NEVER read endings first, but my 7-year-old Anna did, and asked me, "Mommy, if Dumbledore is dead, why did Albus talk to Harry on the last page?" In an unusually flexible, non-serious moment, I realized there were many magical ways in which this could be possible, and didn't sweat it. My older, an HP devotee if ever there were one, and also incurably curious, wanted to know all about this exchange, RIGHT NOW, but didn't want any plot details divulged. She finished today (I finished at 1 a.m. PDT on Monday), and we could laugh about the whole exchange. We are sad that this magical adventure is at a close, if satisfied with the resolutions.... MKP