Thursday, July 28, 2011

Midnight Serenaders

The DH and I recently attended a concert by the Midnight Serenaders at the Chinese Classical Garden.  They sing vintage jazz and swing, and it was great fun!  A mix of original songs and old favorites.

The garden roses and mock orange were in full bloom.

Our friend Marilyn and her husband were also at the concernt.  Marilyn brought tea to share, how thoughtful and tasty!  It was an aged Buddha Hand, very lovely!

What a wondeful way to spend a summer evening.
Here you can listen to Midnight Serenaders...enjoy!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


This tightly wound tea, when given the right conditions, unfurls.  It stretches and dances.  It becomes its best. Its essence is extraordinary.
That's how I want to be during my sabbatical. 

I have many fun things planned for the next 10 weeks, including:  family visit, bike camping with the DH, and a tea tour to Asia.  Plus plenty of time for me to sip, savor, stretch and dance, and contemplate how I can tend to my own essence.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Captures the Moment

Photo by Mitra
This photo holds special meaning for me.  When I saw it I was immediately taken back to this moment (last night).  Summertime.  Dining outside.  Great drinks, food AND dessert.  Leisurely conversation with a girlfriend.  Relaxation, sharing, celebration.  This photo gets to the core of that experience for me.  It reminds me that these moments in time are not indulgences; rather, they are necessities.  Time out for grownups who are too busy.  Time out for listening and being heard.  Time out to slow down, savor.  Time out to consider the menu.  Time out to love life, precious in each moment.  Thank you.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Thinking of purple...

Lavender fields, lavender in my tea tin, not all lavender is the same color, taste, or smell.  The lavender color of my high school prom dress.  My amethyst birth-month friends.  The amethyst in Cin's wedding.  Go Rockets!

That purple is the favorite color of a dear friend (Esme) and my sister.  "When I'm an Old Woman..."  The soft purple of wild iris that grow up in the foothills.  The deep-black purple of grandma's iris, with its velvety secrets.  The aroma of lavender, of an iris, of lilac.  Bees like the cat mint.  Their buzzing vibrates in my chest.  I can touch them, they are so intoxicated with the nectar.  I want to show my niece.  The Secret Life of Bees and the purple honey.  The color of royalty, the color for you.

Where does purple take you?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

K, I'm Ready!

7 work days until sabbatical begins!

During my time off, I'll be enjoying a visit from my niece (and her mom and grandma).
I'm ready! 

I made this outfit for the almost-4 niece.  This is my first time doing reverse-applique.  I really like it!  It's fast and simple.

According to the niece, she and I are going to ride the train.  Her mom and grandma were not invited.  ;-)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

It Was a Good Place to be Stranded

We were out for a long training ride on a lovely Saturday morning, when we decided to take a detour.  We'd spied the Lavender Festival signs along the route that morning, and wanted to check it out.  When we arrived, we discovered the "Tea Pavilion" on the back patio of the facility.  YES, really.  I found tea and scones in the middle of rural Oregon while on a bike ride.  Incredible!

We hungry cyclists tucked in and made short work of the scones and fresh berries with cream!  I was also pleasantly surprised that the tea served was loose leaf.  I had the lavender herbal, and the DH had a black earl grey.
Our seats in in the Tea Pavilion
The picture doesn't do justice for the view

After tea and scones, I had plenty of time to check out the gardens and the festival because I'd had a mechanical issue with my bike on the way up the big hill to the place.  (A broken chain.)  My gallant DH rode all the way home and back -- including the big hill again -- to rescue me.
A fairy garden

At the lavender festival, we were invited to pick bunches of the flowers to bring home for arrangements or for drying.  For $5, I brought home more than I know what to do with!  I have a lovely mix of four different varieties, including a soft white.  It smells so lovely -- to most of us, that is. (Sorry, Mom!)
Rows of lavender

Baby alpaca and parent

On the way up, we passed an alpaca farm that had a number of babies lounging in the pasture!

My knight and his steed Iggy (the yellow one); Mine (silver) is the duchess

The day wasn't as I had planned, but who can complain about being stranded at a lavender festival where they serve scones and tea?  I mean, one could almost think this was by design!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

This Land

This weekend I'm celebrating this land...its glorious landscape and diversity, its fertility and multitude of riches, its forgiveness of us when we abuse it, and in the end, its acceptance of us back.

Happy 4th of July!