Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Iced Tea

 Here's another version of "iced tea!"  :-)  The Pacific Northwest has had quite the number of winter weather events this year, very unusual for us. This was taken last weekend after freezing rain.

My tea plant, Cami (short for Camellia), lives happily on the back balcony.  At least she did until last night when we had a snow storm!  I'm happy to report that the limb is bent, but not broken.

Mother Nature commands my attention, my respect, and my hard work to protect her.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Stolen Moments

I've decided that I need moments of creativity every day, or at least nearly every day. 
They can be spontaneous.
They can be brief. 
They can be stolen moments, in the middle of something else. 

Maybe it's picking out my socks
Or arranging the papers on my desk
Perhaps it's a doodle on the edge of a notebook
Or a new solution for a problem
Maybe it's placing a pretty fabric in a splash of sunshine
Or being inspired by someone else's creativity

It doesn't take long, but it does sustain me.