Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Taxonomical Tea Box Poster

I received this very informative and thorough tea poster recently, a gift from a colleague.  It's perfect for a tea geek like me!  The poster is produced by Pop Chart Lab.  Whomever pulled together the content has a depth of tea knowledge.  I was pleased to find the "Dark Tea" category present.  In that category, it includes Pu-Erh and other more obscure teas.  I was a little surprised to see Rooibos on the list (and not called out as "herbal"), but I think that's a testament to the popularity of this tisane.

Here's the description from the website, "Placed into 7 taxonomical boxes - with compartments for Black, Green, Dark, Oolong, White, Rooibos and Yellow - and further classified by country of origin, this spot-on selection features 104 tea types in all, from Darjeeling to Early Grey to the full complement of famous Chinese leaves."  

It's a useful study aid and I'm grateful to have a limited print (#08/500).  The poster even came with unrolling instructions! It's hanging in my cube at work and I've even used it for a few tea educational discussions. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We Are Remembering

"We are remembering that we are creative agents in our world.  We are remembering the delight of childhood - of dreaming up dreams, and making them real. We are learning that we have the power to create beauty and magic in our little corner of the universe."

~Andrea Scher, Start a Foolish Project

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dr. Who Quote and Tea

This could represent my DH (dear hubby) explaining himself to me.  
Makes me smile.  :-)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cranes: Long Life, Good Fortune and Peace

The crane symbolizes long life and good fortune in many Asian cultures.  My friend from Hawaii explains the crane motif is often seen at weddings, as cranes are known for monogamous matings and share the responsibilities of raising offspring.

Have you heard the touching story of Sadako Sasaki?  She was three when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, where she lived. When she was 12 she developed leukemia (attributed to the radiation exposure from the bomb).  She took on the challenge of folding origami cranes, in the hopes of folding 1,000.  Stories differ regarding whether she met this goal before her death, but what is certain is that her story has become a mission of awareness and peace.

My lovely friend saw these beautiful crane "tennis plate" sets at an estate sale and gifted them to me. I love them!  From the soft blue to the hand painted birds to the gold rim, they are exquisite.

Wishing you long life, good fortune and peace!

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Where I Grew Up

Scenes from near where I grew up.  The beauty of the farmland always touches me.  (That little hand is my niece.  She started taking pictures, and it made me look outside the window and see a little differently.)

Where I grew up
People know your family
Friendships go back generations
And if you're stranded along the road, a stranger will help

There are places
Where you can't hear the highway
Only the cows, the birds
And the coyotes

Jobs are scarce
The economy suffers
Change is suspect
And people fly away

But I miss where I grew up because
People go to high school ball games
The county fair and visitations*
Standing in long lines to witness the life, the loss

*I've realized since I've moved away from the Midwest that a "visitation" is not a universal experience.  A visitation happens when someone dies.  It's held at the funeral home, and people come to pay their respects and visit with family and friends.  It's typically held a day or two before the funeral (which tends to be a smaller, more intimate affair).

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Happy Hot Tea Month!

Happy 2015 and Happy Hot Tea Month!  

I'm celebrating tea in all its many forms.  Here are just a few:  Afternoon tea (above, a recent tea party with my family, table styling by my 7-year old niece), Japanese green tea (below)...

Bowl-style oolong tea

Chinese-style gong fu tea

Japanese tea ceremony (That's me at  Hatsugama, "first kettle," today.)

Mug tea and much more!  No matter how you take your tea, may it be with a joyful heart.  Best wishes for the new year!