Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A cozy little cosy

No matter how you spell it (both are correct), this tea cozy is one of my favorites! That's because it was made with love from a very talented friend. Also included, but not shown, is a handle mit that insulates my hand from the heat. Plus, the cosy matches a quilt I have in the same pattern (made by the same talented person). This tea cozy replicates one we saw last year at the gift store of the Empress Hotel in Vancouver, B.C.

I call this pattern of tea cozy the "I'm a little teapot" version, after the song, because you can see the teapot's handle and spout. This type is convenient because you don't need to remove the cosy before pouring. The other common pattern (I call it "dome") fits over the entire teapot. You simply remove the cozy before pouring. Either way, tea cozies are handy tools to keep around, especially if you make a pot for yourself and drink it slowly. I find that tea cosies keep the tea warm for up to an hour.

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Teafan said...

It's beautiful!