Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Management Observations for Tech Companies

A very interesting blog post for those of you in the corporate/tech world. It compares management 1.0 vs 2.0. Let's just say I feel the pain in my little quadrant of the corporate world. And, let me also say, I'm SOOOO grateful to have left cubes behind!

Now, to turn the tables, as I read through the comments, I saw a comparison of employees in 1.0 vs 2.0-style companies. do I compare to that?

It's no great secret that I prefer a collaborative, less hierarchical style. I really think the "command and control" management style is pretty antiquated. I play the game because I want the paycheck, but in my heart I place very little value in management. (And, let me say, I even like my boss! It's not personal - it's the system.)

I highly value my colleagues and what they do to get the job done. Management doesn't control that - we support each other and that's enough. In fact, management often gets in the way.

Somehow I've landed in one of the best tech companies on earth (long live the King!) and yet its management style is very old. I fear this is a "mission-critical" matter that gets little attention.

Sorry, this post is not related to tea and I couldn't come up with a good analogy this morning. That's because I'm drinking hot water with lemon - if I'd had tea, I might be more creative. >-)

I found the article that prompted this diatribe from the Wanderings blog.


John said...

You rebel! Yeah, and the only management improvement initiatives we have in place just reinforce supporting that antiquated system, rather than lessening it. But what can you do? At least the ethics at our company seem to be high.

Anonymous said...

Hey - you need another sabbatical. But you're right.