Friday, March 03, 2006

Tea Storage and Spring Organization

Work's been a little crazy for me lately. (Long hours and intense deadlines). But, I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it's Spring! So my spirits are revived. In addition, when my work life feels out of control, I often look to cleaning and organizing around home to help me feel stable. I'm being serious! I like to clean!

Related to this, I have been inspired to reorganize my personal tea cabinet. I saw this cabinet (photo below) in January. It belongs to a good friend in NM, and it was the nudge I needed to get serious about my personal tea storage. I like this cabinet because everything is labeled and easy to find.

My personal tea cabinet is a mix of loose sample bags (stored in ziplock bags) and tea tins that aren't well labeled. (The teas for my business are much more orderly.) Every now and then, I go in and straighten what's there, but it's a slippery slope - literally - b/c those bags just slip and slide. Well, in a moment of desperation, I told the DH (dear husband) that for Valentine's Day, I wanted him to reorganize my tea cabinet. He's a Virgo, and this is a great assignment for him. He has been in the research phase, and last night he suggested using Bell canning jars to store the tea. He provided a list of shapes, sizes, and prices, and this weekend I'll go inspect them myself. Organization is not far away! (For those of you who know the DH, you won't be surprised that the Valentine's present required periods of contemplation and research.)

I will post soon on important considerations to make when storing tea. For now, I've got to get to work so that I don't get further behind! Happy weekend.

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JOhn said...

my clinical psych teachers says that cleaning and organizing are done when under stress as a way for us to control anxiety/stress and have a sense of 'completion' in the midst of over things that are not complete. I know that when I do house projects that take weeks or months, I have to routinely do smaller projects to help deal with the stress of the unfinished business.