Saturday, November 29, 2008

One Kind Word...

"One kind word can warm three winter months."
-- Chinese Proverb

I read this quote last night in a magazine. The thought really stuck with me. I can recall moments in my life when someone made one kind comment that changed my view of myself for the positive.

Now that we're officially in the "holiday season," I am striving to remember this quote each day. It seems this time of year is equally filled with heartbreak and joy, with coldness and warmth. What one kind word can I offer to make a difference?


Southern Touch Catering said...

What a beautiful thought. Shouldn't we each strive to do this.

MEP said...

So true! May we all be kind and generous with our words!

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on your blog before bed. I really connect with the quote! I hope you are doing great...I'll try to call tomorrow. Oh yeah, Lola is now walking on her own for very short distances!! I'll try to get a video clip for you.
love ya,

artandtea said...

I love your photo, Steph! Warming my hands on a cup of hot tea brings me right into the moment.
I love this sentiment, too. If everyone thought carefully about the impact that our words have, what a different world it would be. Like you, I am going to keep this thought in my mind and my heart as I go forward through this holiday season. What better gift than a kind word?
Thanks so much for sharing!

Lady Katherine said...

I know it is true, I been back reading comments on my blog and you had a special one for me and it makes me smile! Thank you and love the your cuppa tea your holding. I got the tea in the mail, thank you so much! I may share one with a friend and include a copy of the info. When I drink the tea, I will think of you and your kind words.