Sunday, November 30, 2008

Studio 502

Studio 502, the name of our art studio (aka home), coined by the DH. He had this on our kitchen chalkboard when I came home from a work trip, on which I had a creative epiphany. I took the photo without a flash in low light, and thus the blurriness, but I like the effect.

I blogged recently about discovering the artist in me. I've had this idea to turn part of my living room into an art studio. And it hit me recently that it is! It's just not my working space - it's the DH's as he draws our house plans. (We are in the slow, organic process of envisioning our future SMALL house.) He's got the big table set up, and his creativity is evident.

Since the house planning is of prime importance, I don't want to interrupt his creative mess here. So instead I've made several creative stations. Here's one - my holiday card-making station, on the floor in my office.

And, on the ironing board, I'm about to begin work on a corduroy skirt.

And this doesn't include pictures of our plant nursery (one window, floor to ceiling shelves, with baby plants) or the bicycle museum (which is fluid and moving OUT into circulation in the world! I know it is, even if I can't see it at the moment).

I took a look around me and realized that I don't need to wait for the perfect space to begin projects. I'm already doing them. So I'm now choosing to see the house as a dynamic space that morphs itself into the space we need. There are times to be neat and tidy - and then there are times to be knee-deep in creative messes. We are in the latter at the moment, and instead of getting frustrated or overwhelmed, I am choosing to see it as vibrant and alive. :-) If I can have one area of our home that is under control, my refuge, I am OK. This would be our bedroom and my tea corner. The rest of the house can ebb and flow, and lead to wonderful creations.


Southern Touch Catering said...

Oh, you are a brave soul. My creativity would crash and burn if I had it all over. My brain goes to mush if things get out of control. I think it's the "control freak" in me. I must have peace and order or I spiral out of control. God bless those of you who can do like that.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful ideas and a wonderful attitude! Have you seen _Where Women Create_ by Jo Packham? One artist used her dishwasher to store art supplies because she had nowhere else to keep them! That type of resourcefulness and creativity reminds me of you.

Alice said...

What a wonderful way of thinking! You are always so upbeat and positive. I love your energy.

Marilyn Miller said...

Thanks for sharing. I sometimes get frustrated that I don't have one creative place to spread out and work, but it does morph all over the house at times. I am trying to get organized, so at least I can find those bits and pieces to be creative with.

Angela McRae said...

"Vibrant and alive." Well, that certainly describes *my* craft room most of the time! But now I have to ask ... I believe my doily radar sees a white paper doily craft of some sort in progress. Is it too much to hope that will be shared here at a later date?!!!!

Marilyn Miller said...

BTW - Congratulations on blogging every day for one month.