Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What Is Lemon Curd?

Just had a comment on my Teaberry's post wanting to know what Lemon Curd was. Oh, what a misery to have never tasted this heavenly nectar! You must do so as soon as possible! The question caused me to wonder how many others have never tasted the lovely tangy-sweet confection. So, here's a definition, a formal recipe and a Stephanie recipe.

Lemon Curd: This cooked mixture of lemon juice (and sometimes grated zest), sugar, butter and egg yolks makes a rich, tart spreading cream that can be used as a filling. Many variations exist using other citrus fruits. (from Google definitions)

Lemon Curd Recipe: From

Stephanie's Recipe:
1 - Go to the grocery store.
2 - Head to the jelly aisle.
3 - Purchase a jar of Lemon Curd. The jarred versions are pretty good, and are becoming a common item at larger grocery stores. If your grocer doesn't have it, try a store that carries international foods.
4 - Use it as a topping for hot scones. OR, on graham crackers. OR, as a filling in cake layers. OR, on ice cream, etc. etc.
Tip: Go easy on your first try. It's a very sweet thing - a little goes a long way!


Anonymous said...

excellent directions to the grocery store. now can you tell me how to make a lemon tart?

Steph said...

Apparently, the Cake Mix doctor is really fond of lemon curd, too. Both the home made and jarred kind. >-) Thanks for the tip, SM.

nm tea lover 2 said...

i need someone who is willing to go to the store and buy it!