Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tea Poems for a Cold, Cold Day

It's about 12 degrees today, and with the wind if feels like 2 below. But the sun is shining and I found a south-facing window with an open chair at the library. I spent a lovely afternoon reading about England. I've become enamored with the writing of Susan Allen Toth. She writes about her travels to England with humor, detail, and perspective.

Here are a few tea poems I recently rediscovered. Enjoy!

Winter Afternoon Teas
Winter seems to me
Time for tea
When all in the garden
is at rest
to sip and sip is best
A time to dream
A time to plan
A time essential to every man
-- Adelma Simmons, from Winter at Capriland's

We had a kettle, we let it leak;
Our not replacing it made it worse,
We haven't had any tea for a week....
The bottom is out of the Universe!

-- Rudyard Kipling, Natrual Theology


Anonymous said...

Steph, we love these poems!

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Sabine for Bigelow Tea

Harmonia said...

We have had crazy cold too...but today we had a heatwave of warm 20 degrees. By Tuesday it's supposed to be in the negatives again. boo hiss