Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Year of the Picnic

I've decided that 2012 is going to be the year of the picnic!  I had such a fun time with a few picnics last year, that I want to bring this way of re-creating into my life on a regular interval.  I got an awesome "Tea Time" picnic blanket from my mom for Christmas, and I can hardly wait to put it to use.

I hope to have at least one picnic each month, and share the details with you.  Here's my first picnic report...

Where was that promised sun?!  The sky was one big duvet of grey as I headed out on my bike.  The robins puffed their chests but did not chatter as I made my way past them.  Folks around here may have called it cold, with the slight wind and threat of a drizzle, but I couldn't.  Forty degrees is a fine temperature for a bike ride.  Within a few minutes of pedaling, I was unzipping my coat.  The colors popped against the grey palette.  I smiled wide at the countryside, having forgotten that I wanted sun.  I always smile with this feeling of freedom.

I was riding alone today, which meant I could go as slowly as I wanted, and so I did.  At the turning point of my ride, I hadn't gone far but I had braved a new route, and I was ready to pick up the pace.  Food will do that.  :-)  I was en route to a beautiful little picnic spot I spied on my way out.

My picnic spot

Today's picnic basket, a waterproof bike pannier

In my bike bag, I carried a thermos of vegetarian posole, a seeded whole wheat roll and aged goat cheese, and chocolate-covered hazelnuts.  Having worked up an appetite, I think my taste buds were heightened because this simple meal was extremely satisfying.

This picnic was particularly notable to me, because it was:
  • Thrown together (I spent very little time planning)
  • Not a "picnic weather" day, but out I went anyway
  • Via my bike, always a plus
  • The start of something grand
Do you dream of picnics this year?  What are your tips for making the most of them? 


Allison said...

Love this, Steph! I carry a picnic blanket in my car at all times- you never know when a spontaneous picnic might happen! I've also been dreaming about having a stargazing picnic with hot drinks and freshly baked cookies. I haven't managed to pull that one off yet. Maybe this is the year! :-)

Rosemary said...

simply loved your carefree picnic!

Marilyn Miller said...

Oh I love picnics and when they are spontaneous even better. There is always a table, stool, and blanket in my car, then a basket in my kitchen ready to be filled. Your picnic looked especially fun for this time of year. I usually think of indoor picnics during the winter.

Anonymous said...

Can I come too? :-) Teafan

Angela McRae said...

First, "duvet of grey" is such a lovely image! I like how you just went with it and were not fretting over a week of plans. That will make your impromptu picnics so much more enjoyable. Lovely!

Unknown said...

When it's not so cold here in Bavaria, I do this sort of thing quite often.

I almost always have my handy flask of tea, especially on the train.

Am still planning to do more of what the guys at ChanTea call 'Guerilla GongFu', where you actually pack hot water, leaves, and a Gaiwan.

Nice photos and really nice idea.

Alex Zorach said...

I really love the first picture here, with the moss on the tree and the water winding its way through the wintry landscape.