Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Peace and Love

Buddhist monks and nuns, chanting and praying

How intense, the colors of the clothing on these monks as they chanted and prayed in Xian, China.  The colors made me think of Valentine's Day, that nowadays secular holiday that can be traced through all kinds of religious manifestations, back to its roots in celebrations of spring and fertility. 

I believe these people who have devoted their lives to religious work are praying for the betterment of all humanity, for peace and love.  That's a fitting message for today.


racheld said...

It was lovely seeing you drop in at LAWN TEA today! I came by just to say Thank You and got totally caught up in the wither/ dry/roll process---how very interesting!

I think Darjeeling will be my afternoon pot today, just because.


Lisa said...

What a great picture! It does draw you in. :)

amherstrose said...

Devotion indeed to a life of service and prayer. Thanks for taking me back to the moment.
A beautiful thought on this day of love and caring.

Sending you a hug


Marilyn Miller said...

The color just jumps from my computer screen. The gorgeous colors, just beautiful. They definitely are praying for peace and love.

Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful message. And the photo is stunning. Thank you.

Marlena said...

At the heart of true religion is love and peace. It is the "fripperies" that can cause difficulty.

Steph, I hope you had the happiest of Valentine's Day.