Monday, April 30, 2012

Meatless Monday 5: An Evening Picnic

Now that the evenings are warming and the light lingers, consider an evening picnic!  This is how the DH and I spent Saturday evening.  He thoughtfully prepared the foods, as I was returning late from another event. A picnic lends itself to a simple and easily-prepared meatless meal. 
A park bench served as our perch from which to enjoy the flowers and the food.  (The ground is still a bit damp.)
This basket was a gift from the DH, and it's the perfect size for a picnic for two.

Our vegetarian meal was simple and delicious:
  • Fruit salad with walnuts,  dressed in yogurt and applesauce.  The applesauce sweetens up the plain yogurt.  This fruit salad could easily be made vegan - just leave off the yogurt or use a soy yogurt. 
  • My favorite tea sandwich: Cucumber with rosemary butter.  In this case, the "butter" was Earth Balance.  The bread was homemade (stay tuned for more info on that!).  This sandwich was vegan.
  • A thermos of Celestial Seasoning's Raspberry Zinger herbal tea.  The evening cooled as we sat, and we enjoyed the hot tisane.
That's it - simple and delicious!  We sat and enjoyed the evening and the flowers.


Rosemary said...

Lovely picnic! and so thoughtful of your hubby!

Michelle said...

I love picnics! What a beautiful setting. xoxo

Teafan said...

The light is nice in these photos, and that's a nice one of you.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to say goodbye to April. The menu, the photos, and the mood you represent so faithfully are inspiring! MKP

Colleen said...

Beautiful setting and picnic- how fun!! You look lovely and relaxed sitting on the park bench, adding to the lovely surroundings. DH sounds like a dream.

parTea lady said...

I've always heard that you need to "date your mate". You two seem to have that down pat. What lovely photos of your picnic - the food looks yummy.

Angela McRae said...

The food looks and sounds wonderful and the surroundings, so lovely! Your DH is definitely a keeper! (But you already know that.)