Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gifts for Herbal Tea Lovers

Many of you have enjoyed my series on herbal infusions (mostly from the garden).  I thought I'd wrap up the year by pointing to a couple of vendor sources.

Bird's Eye Tea recently sent me a box of samples to review.  I'm always eager to support a small business, and this one is in my neck of the woods.  One of my favorite things about these samples was the hand labeling.  In the picture above and below, I'm drinking the Honeybush Spice.  It's a delicious and sweet cup, though no sweetener is added.  The sweetness comes from the honeybush itself, and balances well with the other warming spices.  I've also tasted the Xocotal which is unlike any hot chocolate I've ever had!  It's made of raw cacao, rose petals, chamomile, spearmint, ginger, cinnamon, star anise, chipotle powder and roasted cacao nibs.  Per the instructions, I steeped it, added some warm milk and then a bit of sweetener.  (I used just a touch of agave.)  It was really good!  Bird's Eye Tea offers these two herbal blends along with others as a tea-of-the-month arrangement.  See the website for more details.  I'm sending best wishes to this small, woman-run business.

Two Leaves Tea Company also recently sent me a sachet sampler packIt came with 18 tea sachets, samples from the entire line.  About half of these sachets are herbal teas, and I've been enjoying them in the evening.  This would make a nice gift for someone who appreciates herbal teas or is beginning to expand his/her knowledge of of  teas.  It's priced right at $14.95

Got any perfect herbal tea gifts to recommend?


The Teaist said...

I was just sent a sample by Teapigs, a young tea company in England. Still have to start reviewing them, though. I'm excited :)

Marilyn Miller said...

Nice review! Love supporting small, woman owned businesses too.
I don't drink herbals, but my husband and live in gardener do. He drinks Tulsi's from the Tao of Tea in Portland and loves them. He grew some Tulsi in the garden this year too and dried it for tea.

Steph said...

Dear Teaist - Fun! It's a special skill to write a review. I find it one of the more challenging things for the blog.

Dear Marilyn - I bet that home-grown Tulsi is very special.

Beth said...

Hi Steph, I like the licorice tea by Stash. I enjoyed your post and am going to go back and read more. I did make rose petal tea once, but it gave me only a laugh - my "tea" tasted like perfume!

relevanttealeaf said...

Thanks for the two tea reviews, Steph. It's always good to read about the products from different tea companies.

Angela McRae said...

I like hearing about new (to me) tea companies!