Friday, April 29, 2005

Chai at Infuze

This will be my last post about my tea adventures in Vancouver, BC. Ironically, I started this blog with the last day of my trip (Murchie's), and I'm finishing with the first.

After traveling 7 hours on the plane to get from the Midwest to Vancouver, I was ready to stretch my legs! My traveling companions and I set out for a walk in the mist. We stumbled onto the Infuze Tea House (photo below). It's a tea bar - kind of like a Starbucks, only specific to tea. The interior is mostly white with orange accents. A friend and I had the cardamom chai. In terms of quality, the chai was so-so...from a mix. It was warm and comforting. Another friend had a green oolong, which seemed to be good. This same friend pointed out a tea chocolate. I picked one up, and actually resisted the temptation to enjoy it until I got home where I shared it with my husband.

The confection was a combination of milk and white chocolate shaped into a thin leaf. The white chocolate was colored and flavored with green matcha. The flavor came through more than I anticipated, and it was nice!

The Vancouver Tea Adventure was a trip I will cherish!

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Anonymous said...

If only Grandma Tressie could see you know. Acting like such a lady and speaking (writing) like one, too!